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Do you want to enable LinkedIn integration?

Conduit can import your first-degree LinkedIn connections-- where they work and when you connected.

Just so you know— privacy matters to us.

Conduit intelligently combines information from all across your accounts. It's one of the ways we help you understand the people in your life, and it's unrivaled by any other tool.

We know that the practices of others can make you wary of services that "know it all".
So here's our promise to you:

- For you and no one else. We'll never share your data with others. Your data won't "enrich" other people's accounts. It's your stuff, for your benefit, only.
Simple business model. We'll make money from happy customers-- no secret deals.
Keep in control. You'll always be able to see (and change) how we manage your data and accounts.
Phone integration

What kind of phone do you have?

Do you want to enable call log integration?

Conduit can sync your call history (who and for how long) and match them to your contacts. If you've made an event on your calendar for the call, we can link those too. And if you want, you can take notes as the call happens.

Is iCloud sync and backup enabled on your phone?

In most cases, sync and backup are enabled by default to your iCloud account.
Just curious-- why don't you want call log integration?

Calendar integration

Do you want to enable calendar integration?

Conduit can sync events and changes from your calendar. We'll intelligently match events to contacts, even if they're not explicitly invited. And for each contact, we'll show all your events in their history.

Just curious-- why don't you want calendar integration?

FYI-- You can select which of your calendars to connect.
Does that make a difference?

Where do you keep your calendar?

Email integration

Do you want to enable email integration?

Conduit can sync your emails, connecting them with your contacts and contextualizing them with your other conversations.

Just curious-- why don't you want email integration?

What do you use for your personal email?

Would you like to connect your work email?

Conduit can more useful this way. We'll distinguish personal and work conversations but you'll be able to see them together in your history.

What does your work use for email?

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